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Peering policy

We have an open peering policy, everyone is welcome regardless of the size of their ASN.
NLocIX is a community managed by enthusiasts and has an open arms policy.

How to join

To become a member of our IX, you must connect via a partner.
Our partners can connect you via cross connect, vlan or by providing a physical or virtual server.
Accessing to the peering network is free, but partners may charge you for the services rendered according to their own charging schemes.
After choosing a partner, you must use the form below to request a port on the peering network.

Peering membership rules

You agree to use the service in respect of other connected operators
You will not use the following protocols on the peering network:
   – DHCP
   – RA
   – ARP & NDP Proxy
   – OSPF
   – Any forged packet
Each member can only use one IP, if you want to connect several people you must become a partner
You must have a public AS and at least one routable resource (/24 or /48)

Peering request form

Network info

Your contact information

NOC contact

Network connection partner


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