Become a NLocIX partner

Partnership goals

NLocIX relies on the infrastructure of its partners to provide the Peering network.
Access to NLocIX can be offered in several forms such as a crossconnect, a dedicated server or a vm with a connection to our IX or an L2 transport link
We want to be able to connect a maximum number of members for free.
However, our partners can charge the connection to the network (Cross connect, …)

Partnership requirements

Connect the client and the backbone via a physical link allowing an MTU of 1500
Have a filtering mechanism and filter MACs from clients
Offer a port of 1Gbps for free (excluding wiring costs)
Have a NOC reachable 24/7 and be able to disconnect a customer on request

How to connect to the network

To become a partner, you must connect to our network.
Here are some possible methods:
Use a crossconnect between partners, our list is available in the “partners” menu
For Speed-IX members, you can connect to our IXP via VLAN.

NLocIX locations

To know the datacenters where we are present, go to the list of partners.
If you have the possibility to connect your datacenter to our IX, we are totally open 😉

Partnership request form

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